Running Jogging Exercises: Effective Weight Loss Workout

Running Jogging ExercisesMany people think Running Jogging Exercises are difficult. The truth however is that these exercises are easier than we think and the overall benefits to the body are immense. Start running jogging as soon as you can if you want to lose weight and stay fit. This is so as jogging is one of the easiest and effective ways of keeping fit and staying healthy in no time.

According to a study carried out by Dr. Paul Williams of the University of California, woman than run a minimum of 10 miles weekly have slimmer, waists, better body figure and a healthy Blood Pressure than those who do less intensive exercises or workout routines. This study was done on more than 9,000 women and underlines the efficiency of Jogging Exercises to Lose Weight.

Many people usually quit after a few weeks or even days of jogging due to a number of reasons. The commonest of the reasons is the inability of their body to adapt to the relatively new lifestyle. The secret of making jogging exercises work for you without having to quit after a few days or weeks is to get your body accustomed to the change. Your muscles, tissues and joints need to adapt to these workouts and this can only be achieved through a slow but steady process. This is particularly where Jogging Stretching Exercises are important as they gradually introduce the intensity to your body parts.

The first step to a successful Running Jogging Weight Loss routine is to try to walk for 20 minutes without discomfort. A five-minute walk would warm your body up for the workout.

Below is a guide on how you can jog in order to lose weight and keep a fit and healthy body without feeling any discomfort especially at the initial stage. It should be noted that as against the common misconception that jogging is stressful and some people would even assume that only people under 40 can jog, jogging is suitable for everyone regardless of the age and in actual fact, once you can walk then you can jog. The following tips would put you through on how to jog to lose weight fast.

Get the right shoes

This is a very important tip for joggers especially beginners. The impact of jogging cannot be compared to that of walking and would therefore require different kinds of Shoes. It is therefore important that as you prepare to hit the road jogging and you are probably shopping for your jogging gear, ensure to get a shoe that allow you propel yourself higher especially on higher grounds.

It is not only important to get the right shoes for jogging to propel you, you also need it to for the health of your joints as they significantly help in the reduction of the shock absorbed by your legs. You might want to check a specialty store for the best shoes for you.

Stretch the calves

As mentioned earlier, this is important to put your body in the right frame for some minutes of jogging. It is quite easy and would not take too much of your time after all, it is just to warm up the body. It is best done in the comfort of your home before you step out to jog. If you have a relatively spacious compound, it is even better for you.

Do step-ups to give some strength to the legs

This would not only help to strengthen the legs as your ankles are also exercised. It is also a warm up to the main deal – jogging and can be done and it is best advised that you do this before you step out of the house.

You should stand putting your hands on the hips with your left foot on a higher ground, preferably a step and tap each foot on the step one after the other without placing your weight on it. Do the step-ups for about a minute before or after your jog to strengthen the muscles of your joints and subsequently reduce the risk of injuries.

Seek softer routes

Many people that follow this tip prefer to use the treadmills as it is a definite soft route. Softer routes are encouraged to avoid hurting your joints.

Other softer surfaces that can be jogged on include jogging trails, dirt roads, and cinder walkways. These paths are softer than the concrete sidewalks.

Map your route

This might not necessarily be fixed especially when you want to consider security reasons. It is however important you set out a path which would be about 3-mile from your home or office.

For women it would be helpful to get an underwear that help to tame your breast as you jog. This could be gotten from sport stores.

Jogging is a very effective and fun exercise that should be embraced by everyone.